Bat Bag Topper



Autumn is definitely here.  Temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling. Smells of apples cooking warm the house.  Before you know it Halloween will be here, as in tomorrow.  Once again it’s Mr. Big Shot to the rescue.  What would I do without him??

imageThe bag topper is the top note die cut out in black card stock.  The moon is a 2 1/2″ circle punched from yellow and the edges are sponged. The bat body is made from the owl punch.  He is sponged in white craft ink.

The wings are actually from the butterfly die run through the Big Shot as well.  The butterfly was cut in half, and the small scallops are made with the 1.2″ circle punch, punching three small scallops.  The tree branch is from the bird builder punch.

I hope you enjoyed this really quick treat bag topper.  Now off to get the rest of a “cheerleader” costume.

Join me next time for some paper therapy and chocolate.



New Perspective-Life, Happiness & Chocolate

I know I have been so absent for so long.  Twenty weeks of my husband of training for his new job-out of state, traveling every weekend, maintaining two house holds so we can see each has been exhausting.  We are on week 18 I think.  The final date he will be home keeps changing, so it’s hard to keep up.

My daughter, the dog and I are no longer driving 2.5-3 hours in one direction every weekend.  We are down to one house hold (with the exception of a few items). I/we have repainted, sanded, laid new floors in almost every room of our residency. School has begun and routines are being made.

That all being said, life in our small community has been deeply shaken again.  This life altering tragedy has been on my mind for the past month.  I have thought about the families, involved.  Not one of them will ever be the same again. I pray they all get the help they will need and eventually become survivors.

From there, I thought how I have survived my life. How I had to function even though it would have been easier to stay in bed.  It came down to my jobs.  Both of them- school and Stampin’ Up. Special Ed kids always need help. Surprisingly, Special Ed staff needs those kids just as much as they need us. My at home time was consumed with getting ready for my stampers.

For a long time I have joked that I am going off for paper therapy. Then working with a school counselor, I discovered it’s a real thing!  Anytime you can have quiet time to self reflect is a type of therapy.  Wow, was I shocked.  Here I thought I was just enjoying myself, listening to audio books on my iPod or listening to movies in the background off in my own little world creating little pieces of art. Now if I can figure out how to get the insurance company to pay for some of my stamps.  I am sure I have already met my deductible for the next several years. :)

And I thought I only had to convince the insurance company.

And I thought I only had to convince the insurance company.

From there I started to think about how this little paper therapy business is growing.  How many awesome people I have met. My mind shift is getting back into stamping, worrying about my blog, planning out stamp club projects, possible future class offerings,etc.

So what is important to me?  My new blog title says it all.  This is where paper therapy and chocolate mingle.  I mean have you ever met a piece of chocolate you didn’t like? I didn’t think so.

So join me here next time for paper therapy and chocolate.


PS Do you think I need to go back to college to call myself a Paper Therapist?