Where Has the Summer Gone??

Hi Stampers, welcome to my Creative Spa.

I cannot believe I haven’t posted all month!  Where has the time gone?  I start work today.  I’m not even sure when the last time I stamped- Eeeek! My only excuse might be I have enjoyed the end of the summer with my daughter.

IMG_1814We have had a lot of fun.  Most days were spent with cousins in the pool at Auntie’s house.  I watched the kids swim and I read about 10 books from this spot.  We also went to the York Wild Kingdom Zoo.  There were so many animals to see.  My girlfriend, who is a second grade teacher, took lots of photos of the rain forest animals the zoo had.  She has a large unit on the rain forest each year. I am not sure what section of the zoo I liked best.  It was all fun.


My daughter and I have also been painting.  She just loves painting with acrylics.

11891252_10205543295407779_3016487721297032151_n Here are some small painting we did together on ourIMG_1855 living room floor. Her flower painting came out so much nicer than mine.  Mine became muddy looking after awhile.  Most recently, we went to a painting class fundraiser.  Part of the money went to Paws on Parade, an organization that helps the humane society.  Of course my daughter wouldn’t smile nicely. Her painting has a bird and a dog in it. Mine (which I don’t have a photo of) connects to it to make one large painting.  My painting only has a bird.

Today, we start our fall schedule.  Work, school, soccer, cross country track, and homework. My daughter isn’t sure she wants to go to school to learn, she wants to see her friends though.  I feel the same way.  I am looking forward to all the new year and all the new things that it will bring.

Join me at my creative spa for some creative chaos and possibly chocolate too.

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Creative Blessings,