Witch’s Hat Punch Art with Video Tutorial

Hi Stampers, welcome to my Creative & Chaotic craft room! Today’s project features witch's hat treat clippunches and glimmer paper!  It was an adorable Halloween gift and it only take minutes to make! Great for when you’re short on time.  You know that chaotic thing called life :)

I made a bunch of these for my stamp club ladies.  If you’d like to stamp with me in person, email me and I will send you a list of dates and times.

Anyhoooo, back to the witch’s hat. I am not sure who the original designer was.  I do know it was shared at Stampin’ Up!’s Founders Circle meeting.  I loved the fact that it used the Black Glimmer paper.  I bought it immediately, and then forgot what I was going to use it for.  Please tell me you’ve done that before too.  You can use Basic Black card stock or even Halloween Designer Series Paper (DSP).

Ok Stampers, get out your circle punches, tree punch and paper and lets get crafting. You can watch the video below or click here.

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May you have Creative Chaos today!

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Scrapbook Challenges

Hi Stampers, welcome back to my Creative Spa!

Have you ever needed inspiration? I know I have needed it, and on Saturday, I got it.  VDS (virtual stamping day) Challenges gave me a jumping point.  I completed two challenges.  Scrapbook challenges even.  I am more of a scrapbooker wannabe than a real scrapbooker.

The first challenge I completed had to be about water.  First finding a picture I had was a challenge.  I found it very irritating, because last summer I took so many pictures while watching my daughter and all her cousins poolside.  <Grrrrr>  I FINALLY found one that was several years old.


In the south, they call it being a redneck.  Here it is called Maine ingenuity. The kids didn’t feel the slip’n slide was big enough.  Add a few tarps and a little dish soap for speed and the kids had a blast.

It is an extremely simple design.  An 8″x8″ piece of Tempting Turquoise card stock.  I stamped the images from Work of Art and Feel Goods with Pacific Point ink.  The photo is layered onto a piece of Rose Red card stock.

Simple but fun.  It brought back many memories of doing this at my aunts house.  Now, she has a pool.  The hill is gone.  It was something the kids-little and big- enjoyed at one time.

The second challenge had to do with food.  I wasn’t going to do this challenge.  Then someone posted a scrapbook page using a Project Life app.  I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  So, I followed suit and used Simply Sent.  It was an app Stampin’ Up! had to promote My Digital Studio.  IMG_1360

The pasta dish is something I made at some point. The sandwich is from a restaurant near my family called Big G’s.  They make the bread fresh every day, and that sandwich is as big as my lap!! I got four meals out of it!  And of course being from Maine, I had to show some lobsters that we cooked one night for dinner.  (I think I ate two of the three).

What will you challenge yourself to create today?

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Weekly Deals

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.04.47 AM Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 9.04.35 AM Did you see the Weekly Deals?  Oh my goodness, the Gift Bow Die is on sale along with the washi tape.  Both are excellent for your up coming holiday projects.  Why not add the Cupcake Punch with the Gift Bow Die to make awesome birthday gifts?  Don’t miss the opportunity to have these items in your Creative Spa!

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75 Features Of My Digital Studio

practice 1_2-001


Last week I posted two projects made with My Digital Studio.  Here and here if you missed them.

I know several of you downloaded the  FREE TRIAL VERSION.   Were you aware My Digital Studio (MDS) could do so many things.  Here is a list of 75 features that of MDS.  This is not all it can do my any means, but it gives you a starting point.  Also, once you have purchased a stamp set in digital format, it never retires.  This is one of my favorite stamp sets that retired.  Luckily, I now have it in digital format.

1. LAYERS PALETTE: Quickly manipulate and edit project layersthem. 2. EDIT OBJECTS OFF-CANVAS: Rotate, resize, and manipulate items that extend beyond the canvas

3. UNLOCK INDIVIDUAL OBJECTS: Right-click object to unlock
4. CUSTOMIZABLE COLOR PALETTE: Organize colors swatches to create a customized Color Palette
5. WATERMARK OPTION: Change the color to white and opacity to 10% with just one click
6. SUGGESTED COLOR COMBOS: See expertly coordinated color combo ideas in the Color Palette
7. DESIGN IN SPREADS: Design on two pages, side-by-side
8. FULL WRAP COVER: Design photobook front/back covers and spine at the same time
9. CUSTOM CANVAS SIZE: Create a project in any size up to 24″ x 24″
10. CROP STAMPS: Show off part of the stamp image and hide the rest
11. CROP EMBELLISHMENTS: Show off part of the embellishment and hide the rest
12. BRUSH TOOL: Create freehand art with different brush sizes and shapes—perfect for line art
13. LINE TOOL: Insert and manipulate lines with curves and custom paths
14. ERASER TOOL: Easily erase freehand brushes
15. VECTOR STAMP BRUSH IMAGES: Resize vector stamp while keeping its image crisp
16. GLOBAL SEARCH: Simultaneously search for all content types
17. FILL PUNCH WITH PHOTO: Easily add a photo to any punch shape
18. FILL PUNCH WITH CARD STOCK: Add card stock (and textured card stock) to punches
19. CUSTOM GROUPS: Save custom created groups to import on other projects
20. ENHANCED PAGE LAYER EDITING: Resize Designer Series Paper on the canvas and maintain pattern
21. SMART OBJECT ALIGNMENT: Align objects with mat consideration
22. CHANGE PUNCH SHAPE: Change punch to another punch shape and maintain filled pattern
23. EDIT OBJECT SHORTCUT KEY: Edit objects with a shortcut: CMD/CTRL+
24. ROUND PAPER CORNERS: Round any corner of Designer Series Paper and card stock
25. ROUND PHOTO CORNERS: Round any corner of a photo
26. PHOTO FILL GROUPED BOXES: Group photo boxes and fill with one photo
27. INTUITIVE iPHOTO INTEGRATION: Access and use photos on a Mac more easily
28. PROJECT SIZE CONVERSION: Easily change any project to a different size
29. RECOLOR EMBELLISHMENTS: Monochromatically change the color of an embellishment
30. RECOLOR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Monochromatically change the color of layered Designer Series Paper
31. MIRROR/FLIP GROUPS: Reverse and flip a set of grouped objects
32. MIRROR DESIGNER SERIES PAPER: Mirror and flip backgrounds and layered Designer Series Paper
33. DIGITAL STITCHING: Add stitched line—choose from several stitching styles
34. SUPPLY LIST: View a list of items used on a page
35. SMART GUIDES: Drag guides from the ruler to your project for perfect alignment
36. EXPORT TO PDF: Save your project as a PDF file
37. EXPORT TO PNG: Save your project as a PNG file
38. EXPORT TO SVG: Save your project as an SVG file for use with an e-cutter
39. TEXT IN COLUMNS: Type text in columns
40. TEXT TRACKING: Increase/decrease the horizontal space between letters
41. TEXT SHAPES: Add text to any punch shape
42. TEXT ON A PATH: Add text to any line style to create your own curvy verses
43. MIRROR TEXT: Choose a mirror text option for use on iron-on transfers
44. OPEN FONT TEXT: Enjoy open type font capabilities
45. TEXT JUSTIFICATION: Justify text left, center, right AND top, middle, bottom
46. FONT SEARCH: Find a font by typing the first few letters
47. CHANGE TEXT CASE: Quickly change text to upper or lower-case
48. CHANGE ALL TEXT IN PROJECT: Apply font settings to all text in a project
49. DESIGNER TEMPLATE SELECTION: Browse all designer templates in one location
50. ENHANCED PROFESSIONAL PRINT: Choose and preview all print options within the software
51. ENHANCED SAVE PHOTO LAYOUT: See mats, shadows, and punches in saved photo layouts
52. BACKGROUND PHOTO: Quickly add a photo as a background
53. ADD MULTIPLE ITEMS: Simultaneously add multiple elements from the Design Center
54. CALENDAR EFFECTS: Apply settings to all Design Center calendars in a project
55. CHANGE LAYER OF SELECTED OBJECTS: Move multiple selected objects forward and backward without grouping
56. RECOLOR PHOTO: Monochromatically change the color of a photo
57. STAMP IMAGE COLORING: Add more than one color to a single stamp image
58. EXPORT PROCESS: See all export options on one screen for a simplified experience
59. ENHANCED PHOTO DRAG & DROP: Drag and drop a photo onto a photo box in any layer
60. BATCH PHOTO EFFECTS: Apply photo effects on selected pages
61. DELETE PROJECT PREVIEW: Show project preview before you hit delete
62. USER INTERFACE UPDATE: Enjoy a sleek new look and feel–easy on the eyes
63. DEFAULT BLEED AREA: Use bleed area defaults that are specific to project type
64. ZOOM TOOL SHORTCUTS: Get to the zoom tool with a shortcut
65. SPLATTER TOOL: Add splatters of color in different sizes
Coming Soon: When these features are good to go, we’ll let you know on MyDigitalStudio.net so you can update your software (Help>Check for Updates).
66. INTUITIVE PRINT FROM HOME: Print from home more easily
67. QUICK PRINT TEMPLATES: Print from home “quick print” templates
68. CROP PUNCHES: Show off part of the punch and hide the rest
69. CROP ON EXPORT: Save a cropped portion of a project
70. POP-UP INSTRUCTIONS: Get pop-up instructions for specialized templates
71. PAPER RIP OPTION: Create torn edges with Designer Series Paper and card stock
72. ENHANCED THUMBNAILS: Enjoy improved thumbnail images in the Resource Palette preview
73. PHOTO ROTATION: Rotate your photos within the ―Crop Photo‖ tool
74. ARTWORK ORGANIZATION: Customize artwork organization in the Design Center
75. IMPORT FROM OTHER PROJECT: Toggle between projects to import elements onto current project

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Grammie’s Garden

Here is another scrapbook page I made using My Digital Studio. vcr challenge-001

Another reason I like My Digital Studio (MDS) is not only do you have all the selections of Designer Series Paper Stampin’ Up! has ever made; you can make your own backgrounds using your photos.

The background here is a photo I took of my mother’s tulip.  I adjusted the opacity of the photo so it looks more like background paper.  It also allows the other photos to pop.  I added a little journaling to describe our day.

One thing about My Digital Studio is once you make a design, you can have multiple copies made without doing any extra work.  Once this page was done, two copies could be printed.  One for Grammie and one for me.  My Digital Studio is great for scrapbookers who don’t have much time or don’t want the mess.  Everything can be right on your computer.  All the papers and embellishments along with all your photos from your digital camera.

Make sure you download your FREE 30 DAY TRIAL TODAY!

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Shoes and Rings and MDS, Oh My!

me 8x8-001corrected

Yesterday I commented how I missed my flip-flops and had actually had a scrapbook

page about them. There is an actual story behind it.  I don’t just scrapbook about my shoes normally.  I have copied and pasted the post below from my old blog.  It was originally posted May 2011.
I am determined to learn how to use My  Digital Studio from Stampin Up!  There was a challenge on VC Rocks this week to make a scrapbook page with a photo of just yourself.  Well first of all, I am the one usually taking the pictures-so I am not in that many.  Second, to find where the heck I put the photos….

So here is my silly little story of a picture I took of myself two days ago.  Oddly it is of my hand and foot-not my face.

More of the story:

At the end of my daughter dance recital, when all the parents were in the hallway I saw a lady wearing a pair of these shoes.  I grabbed my mother’s arm and said “Look at those shoes!  They would match my ring!”

So after going out to eat, I had to go to the mall.  I went to 4 or 5 stores before finding them.  describing them to different clerks, walking up and down rows and rows of shoes.  And finally, there they were right near the window!!  And they were on sale for $12.99!

I was so excited I had to tell all my facebook friends/family about them.  The first response was from my mother making sure I had not mugged the poor lady from the dance recital someplace. (Really, how desperate does my mother think I am???).

Have you tried My Digital Studio yet?  Did you know you can get a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL? Click here to get your free trial.  It is a very easy program to use.  It can be used for card making, scrapbooking and home decorating projects.  If you are like me and need to see things because you  are a visual learner, don’t panic.  Stampin’ Up! is such a great company, it also has a website just for My Digital Studio.  Oddly enough it is: www.mydigitalstudio.net. It has the store, blog posts, challenges, classes and video tutorials.  Click here for the video tutorials to get started.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Try it out for 30 days.

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Feb 4 Deals of the Week

Have you been to been to my stamping store to see this weeks deals?  Wonderful ribbons,  modeling clay (which is the smoothest clay I have ever felt, great for those with tactile issues), stamps, canvas, dies and digital downloads.  Don’t miss out on these specials, they are only this special price for a week.

Check out my store every Tuesday for Deals of the Week


We hope you enjoy this week’s Weekly Deals!

Calypso Coral 3/4″ Chevron Ribbon
Item # 130018

Regular Price: $8.95 US/$12.50 CAN
Discounted Price: $6.71 US/$9.38 CAN
Soft Sky 1/2″ Seam Binding Ribbon
Item # 131210

Regular Price: $6.95 US/$9.50 CAN
Discounted Price: $5.21 US/$7.13 CAN
Simply Pressed Clay Item # 130685
Regular Price: $6.95 US/$8.95 CAN
Discounted Price: $5.21 US/$6.71 CAN
Island Indigo 3/4″ Chevron Ribbon
Item # 131151

Regular Price: $8.95 US/$12.50 CAN
Discounted Price: $6.71 US/$9.38 CAN
From My Heart Wood Mount Stamp Set
Item # 132007

Regular Price: $39.95 US/$48.95 CAN
Discounted Price: $29.96 US/$36.71 CAN
Canvas Creations Item # 129375
Regular Price: $3.95 US/$5.50 CAN
Discounted Price: $2.96 US/$4.13 CAN
Delicate Dies Sizzlits Die Item # 126999
Regular Price: $21.95 US/$26.95 CAN
Discounted Price: $16.46 US/$20.21 CAN
Sweetest Ever Valentines’ Designer Template Item # 129009
Regular Price: $9.95 US/$10.95 CAN
Discounted Price: $5.97 US/$6.57 CAN 

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Summer Memories Q&A


Q: How can I capture all of our family summer fun?

A: Some of us like camping, some like the beach, and others prefer a luxury hotel and room service. Scrapbooking is kind of the same. We all have different likes and needs. The great thing is that Stampin’ Up! has a solution for us all, even you! Check out the options and see which one fits you and your family best.

this and that

Quick & Informal
This and That Journals are perfect if you want to capture your memories on the go. They are designed so you can add thoughts, photos, brochures, tickets, and other tidbits as you go. Pack a small bag with a Stampin’ Write Marker or two, your This and That Journal, Remember This and That Rotary Stamp, coordinating Designer Stickers, and Washi Tape, and you’ll have everything you need! Since you can add thoughts and memories right away, you can return from a getaway with your journal complete and ready to share! Since it’s informal, you’ll cherish having other family members jot down some of their thoughts and favorite moments to share, too.

This and That Product Line
Epic Day This And That Designer StickersEpic Day This And That Designer Washi TapeRemember This And That Rotary Stamp
This And That Epic Day JournalThis And That Epic Day Designer Series PaperHung Up Cute Clips

Digital Diva
My Digital Studio is perfect for our digital world. You take your digital photos (lots of them!), download them to your computer, and then create! No need to print and crop. For the quickest results, just add your photos into any one of our many gorgeous artist-designed photobook templates. Customize it with your journaling and you are done. Even with our great templates you are in control. Add, move, or delete any of the elements as you wish. Have more time and want more customization? Simply make your own photobook using your favorite papers, stamps, and embellishments. You’ll be impressed with the quality and pricing of our print services. One of the often overlooked features of digital crafting is that it is easy to replicate. Need more copies of a photobook as a gift? No problem. The dog ate your photobook or your kids spilled red punch on it – no worries. You can reprint your projects anytime! Photobooks, journals, calendars, and more await your digital creativity!

Digital Diva Sample

Places I've Been Swatchbook Template -- Digital Download Software

Give Me a Year
Calendar scrapbooking is a great solution if you want to share a highlight of memories from the year. You can quickly pick one (or a few) favorite pictures from each month. Add them to the calendar page for that month and you’ll have a collection of photos that gives a great overview of your year and family memories. Calendars can be created traditionally or with My Digital Studio. Using My Digital Studio, you have the choice of artist-designed calendar templates, complete customization, or somewhere in-between. These calendars are useful, you can enjoy them each day, and they make fantastic gifts that your family and friends will look forward to receiving each year!

CalendarsTea for Two Easel Calendar TemplateLive The Day Easel Calendar Template -- Digital Download
2013 Month By Month Calendar Template -- Digital Download2011 Pennant Desktop Calendar Kit Digital DownloadBest Day 2013 Easel Calendar Template -- Digital Download

Traditional Rules

The world of traditional scrapbooking hasn’t changed – only grown! Maybe you love the hands-on approach of cropping photos, layering papers, and handwritten journaling combined to create scrapbooks that honor and share your special memories. If so, don’t worry, you can still use our great quality, archival, acid- and lignin-free Designer Series Paper and card stock to make your 12” x 12”, 8-1/2” x 11”, 8” x 8”, 6” x 6”, or other size scrapbooks. Create beautiful backgrounds with Stampin’ Around Wheels, create titles in any color with alphabet stamps, journal with coordinating Stampin’ Write Markers, add character with stamps, and finish it all off with the perfect embellishments. These scrapbooks become cherished works of art full of the love with which they were made.

Digital Diva Sample

Create a Cupcake Stamp Set - by Stampin' Up!Cupcake PunchBrights 8-1/2 x 11 Cardstock

Enjoy the Journey
However you decide to scrapbook, enjoy the journey! Set time aside on a weekly or monthly basis so you can scrapbook the memories while they are fresh. Contact me today with questions. If you are thinking of becoming a Digital Diva, get our free 30-day trial of My Digital Studio here. Let me help you get started!

MDS Free Trial

© CraftyPerson Production. 2013 Images © Stampin’ Up!


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Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer!

chores and more

This weeks digital downloads will keep everyone busy this summer, even the kids. Let them develop  self esteem by earning check marks on their chore cards created using the Chores and More Designer Template.  You could even offer a prize or money if they get each spot checked off, or something special like a “play date with Mommy or Daddy”.

You can even let your kids color Designer Series Paper themselves if they are old enough to use the computer.  These days most kids are more computer savvy

Everybodys business

than adults- or maybe they’re just smarter than me :) With My Digital Studio, you can change the color of images if you like.  With Everybody’s Business Designer Series Paper, there are 12 designs made in grayscale that are just waiting to be colored.

memory mile stones

Do you have a brand new
baby? Memory Milestones Baby Photobook is just perfect for you then. Keep track of baby’s firsts and news worthy events that are happening in your little babies life.

Check out all these newest digital downloads here.

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.


Hash It Out Greeting Card Template

Here is this weeks newest digital downloads.  Quick, simple greeting cards can be created in just minutes with the Hash It Out Greeting Card Template.  Or design some projects with the romantic Venetian Romance Designer Series Paper.

06-11-13_MDS_Downloads copy

Do you prefer hexagons which are the hottest things going right now? The Summer Possiblities Kit might be for you.  Hexagons and red, white & blue designer series paper.



Do you like to organize or need help organizing all your craft supplies? You will

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.15.30 AM

want the new Label It Stamp Brush Set.  You can label all those draws, jars, shelves or anything else you can think of.

All of the downloads can be found here.  Want to try My Digital Studio before you buy it?  You can for 30 days absolutely free. Download it now. And you can start creating entire projects in just minutes.

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.


Last Day Of Second Grade

Today is the last day of school.  Do you remember I posted about this free digital download not too long ago?  I created this for an end of the school year project. Sorry I only took a photo from one angle-someday I will start to remember on 3D items to take photos from different angles.

last day of school packed for you

This was a super fast and easy project.  I would recommend looking at the photo online as you build it.  I forgot the pocket went in the front and mine is on the back.  However, you if don’t tell people you made a mistake, they’ll never know. :)

Add a few small note cards and a couple chocolates and you have a gift almost any teacher would love.  Maybe next year I’ll make some of these for the secretaries for secretary appreciation day.

Supplies needed to create this project:

  • # 134687 Packed For You Designer Template-Free Digital Download

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Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.


Go Everywhere Frameables

June_4_MDS_Downloads_PDF copy

I just love the frameable art work that I can print directly from my My Digital Studio program.  Or I can have it printed for a more professional looking piece.  This weeks digital downloads have more printable frame art.  Awesome.Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.14.24 AM


There is some very pretty paper to download this week as well.  I think it would make great masculine projects or fall projects.Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 11.14.19 AM

Also, there are some great brush sets this week.  I love the “Pin Me” verse.  Does that mean I spend too much time on Pinterest??  I sure hope not.



Take advantage of the sale for digital downloads and printing services before June 15. Flyer_1up_MDSsale_May0113_NA copy

Puppy Love or Kitten Love?

Guess what I found on my computer today, while looking for a photo of my husband for a “paper” scrapbook page. I found this project I made using My Digital Studio back in 2008.  Perhaps in July or August. Unfortunately I don’t remember the colors, font etc.  If I had to guess, I would say Chocolate Chip for the background, Real Red for the font and bow colors.  I am not sure which blues.  Oh well.

puppy love postThe photo I took was in color originally. The I made a duplicate layer in black and white and “erased” the black and white that was on my daughter’s shirt.  It really was that color red.  The cat was black to begin with, so that didn’t really change anything. Don’t ask me how I did it, I don’t remember other than following an YouTube Video.


Here is that baby kitten today.

jjA mere 16 pound cat….

She thinks she is the ruler the house and the other animals. If she thought she was any more of a queen, she would need a crown 😀

Now is a great time order digital downloads for My Digital Studio.  Many templates and printing products area 25% off. Check it out all here.  Don’t take too long, this special ends June 15th. What you have never tried digital scrapbooking or card making???  Get a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL of My Digital Studio here.  So go ahead and play with it.  What do you have to lose? Not any money :)

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Nothing Like Playing In The Dirt

Here is a page I created using My Digital Studio. I used the Today & Everyday Designer Photobook Template. I just love the templates in My Digital Studio.

Digging in the dirt-011

The page is complete, all that needs to be done is drop and drag the photos.  Easy Peazy.

I love the fact my daughter and all her cousins get along great.  They all play together-boys & girls, with little fighting depending on who is showing their “Coombs Attitude” on any particular day.

Here they were playing outside at a birthday party. It was warm and sunny and the kids wanted to go sledding.  And they did, on their bottoms.  I have not seen so much dirt embedded into childrens’ clothing before.  It was worth the mud in the washing machine because they had a great day together.  It’s nice to know kids still like to play outside in the dirt, and don’t always need electronics to entertain them.

Don’t forget the 25% of My Digital Studio Special is still going on. You have until June 15 to order select downloads and printing products at a great discount.

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Anchors Away & Free Digital Download

05-28-13_MDS_Downloads copyThis weeks digital downloads are just the cutest.  Anchors Away looks like an awesome summer time kit to share all those vacation moments.

Don’t miss out on the FREE June Calendar.  These free calendar templates Stampin’ Up! offers each month are so cute. They are not your typical store bought yearly calendar.page 2 52813

Next are some cute pocket cards and a Convention scrapbook kit.  Be the Difference is the theme this year.  I think it would also be great for a graduate. There is nothing like the energy of a person feeling like they can change the world.

Last, but  not least, a download that is all about Dad.  Why not make a book for your dad for Father’s Day?  What Dad wouldn’t love their own personal

page 3 52813

scrapbook with their children? 

The sale for professional printing is still 25% off.  Just in time for Father’s Day. Check out all the latest from My Digital Studio here.

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.



Potluck Family Dinner With Julia Childs

Check out this weeks newest digital downloads. Wouldn’t these be great for a family gathering.  My husbands family frequently has large family

potluckgatherings. I may have to print these off and place them on the tables.  I think they would get a kick out of the fact they are quotes from Julia Childs.  My husband and his entire family are all wonderful cooks.  My kids know when it is my turn it will be something simple like pasta.

These would be nice kitchen decorations as well since with My Digital Studio, you can change the colors to match your decor. A nice frame and you will have custom art work. All your friends will ooh and aah that you made them.

Don’t forget many My Digital Studio downloads and printing are 25% off.

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.


My Digital Studio News!

Do you need to create a My Digital Studio project in a hurry? Do  you ever need a template in a hurry and don’t have time to search through all the templates? Stampin’ Up! has made it easier to search for My Digital Studio templates by dividing them by occasions.  
Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 10.12.19 AM
Need a graduation project? Search Graduations?  Need something for a new baby? Right there in the baby section.  Twenty six categories have been added to the website.  I think that makes it SO much easier.

Don’t forget My Digital Studio has many templates and printing products 25% off now through June 15, 2013.  Check it out now.

Did you know there is an entire site dedicated just to My Digital Studio? That’s right.  MyDigitialStudio.net has all sorts of information and video tutorials.  I love video tutorials.  I think many crafters are visual learners :)

Having fun playing with you computer and My Digital Studio.

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.



Packed For You


mds 14

Check out this ADORABLE backpack you can make with My Digital Studio. Isn’t it just the cutest?? You can make a gift for a child, teenager, or a hiker. I am going to use this to make this for my daughters teacher.  I think it will be an adorable end of the year thank you gift.  I am not sure if I will put in some note cards or chocolates.

Do you know what is even MORE AWESOME (is that a real term?) about this download?  IT’S FREE. Completely & absolutely free. What you don’t have My Digital Studio yet?  Try it for 30 days.  Also, many of the downloads and printed products for My Digital Studio are 25% off until June 15.  Get your downloads now and start creating instantly.

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Party Planning….The Digital Way

digitaldownload 5_7_13 pg1

Do you have a party to plan for? This weeks newest digital download is for you then!  It has everything you need.  Invitations, decorations, party toppers…everything!  And the colors are so bright and cheery!
Do you love the new photopolymer stamp sets and want to add them to your digital cardmaking and scrapbooking too?  I just love all the arrows to point in different directions.  This is the one time when your mother won’t tell you it is rude to point :)

digitaldownload 5_7_13pg2Have you placed your retirement order? Items are going quickly.  Get these items before they are gone for good.

The new catalog comes out in just a few weeks. I already have 3 cases for my customers. Do you have one with your name on it yet?  Contact me today to get one. Or join me for one of my classes and pick it up then.

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Little Moments, Lots of Meaning Sale

Flyer_1up_MDSsale_May0113_NA copy 2Do you use digital scrapbooking or card making?  This is the sale for you.  Starting today My Digital Studio select content and printing is 25% off.  Check this out – ALL ensemble, calendar, photobook, and swatchbook digital content are one sale here. Can you believe it??? Over 80 items are on sale May 1-June 15, 2013.

Once you are done designing your wonderful memories, you need to get them professionally printed.  That too is on sale. Download all your printing options and their sale prices MDSpricingList_MDSsale_May0113_US.

So scrapbook all those Christmas photos you still have on your computer,  create all those graduation and wedding announcements and save money while you’re doing it :) (Everyone likes to save money, right?)

Join me next time with my inky fingers and simple pleasures.